We are set up to place your concrete in the most efficient way possible utilising a complete range of pumps and applications, literally we are ALLWAYZ PUMPING

•   Boom Pumping
We operate a complete range of mobile concrete pumps for all types of applications.

•   Line Pumping
Our line pumps can be used for commercial and residential pours of all sizes.  Ask our experienced staff about the best pump for your next job.





•   ShotCreting

Shotcreting is ideal for large scale jobs such as range stabilisation works and flood damage and drainage.  The small diameter hose and flexible concrete lines mean it can be set up virtually anywhere.


•   Available All Areas​ 

We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.


•   Pump place & Finish

•   Civil

•   Mining

•   Industrial/Commercial

Mareeba Concrete Pumping

Due to the high demand within Mareeba and the surrounding areas we have branched out, increasing our ability to efficiently serve the local businesses and residents in the area.


Concrete Pumping Services

Other Services

With over 24 years of experience in the construction industry and becoming North Queensland 'go to' concrete pumpers, we are able to provide our clients with a number of extra services.

Civil Work

We are currently undertaking construction projects dealing with flood damage up and down the Far North Queensland coast in association with the local councils. We also have recently completed concrete construction upgrade projects on dams and ranges across the FNQ region.



Whether its a new footpath or a new house we have the right men for your needs.




•   House Slabs

•   Warehouse Slabs

•   Dams

•   Causeways
•   Shed Slabs
•   Drainage

•   Topping Slabs
•   Ramps / Boat Ramps
•   Strip Footings
•   Concrete Removal
•   Piers
•   Patios
•   Footpaths
•   Carparks
•   Driveways

•   Exposed Aggregates
•   Plain Concrete
•   Coloured Concrete

•   In a variety of textures from a smooth                   polished finish to a coarse non slip finish

•   Suspended Slabs
•   Setting Out
•   Excavations
•   Boxing/Formwork
•   Placing Plastic
•   Placing Bondeck
•   Laying Of Reinforcement
•   Steel Fixing

We will prepare, place and finish all your concrete work from start to finish. We will set/mark out, excavate, cart excess away, organise materials, inspections, prepare base, boxing/formwork, plastic, reinforcement, concrete pump, concrete, saw cutting, curing compound, strip boxing and leave the site neat and tidy.


Labour Services

•   Concreters
•   Labourers
•   Project Managers
•   Drivers
•   Welders
•   Operators

Both hourly and day rates available on request. All Labour supplied is in compliance with certification.


Compressor Hire

•   Daily and hourly rates

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